THE ROLE: ONLINE MARKETING SPECIALIST. REF. MK2611 | Club de Marketing de La Rioja

This analytical and DATA-DRIVEN role will focus on recommending and implementing the best online presence to increase both RESERVATIONS and rates. The position involves permanent monitoring, testing and implementing of larger and minor changes in related websites to attain the desired goals. This is a results-oriented position.

The candidate will recommend and execute strategies and adjustments to lift all the company listings to the top positions in the websites in which they are advertised. Input on best price mix is expected. Suggestions to improve current proprietary platform will be welcome.


  • Degree in marketing, online fields or analytic degrees combined with real, provable online experience.
  • No less of 3 years’ experience in online marketing, SEO, perhaps combined with social media or related fields.
  • English is a must. Spoken proficiency not expected to be native.
  • Experience in content management, site analytics.
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Intelligence, dynamism and creativity but with both feet on the data
  • Above all, a truly honest person. Our company supports its teams and believes in no games, no lies.
  • LOCATION (country, city) is not relevant (this platform requested that we choose one)


  • Full-time job and permanent position
  • Health Plan after first three months
  • Compensation for internet costs (100 Mb)
  • Minimum salary of US$ 700
  • Monthly bonus of $700. All our team members get above 90%regularly.
  • Possibility of home office workand certain amount of flexibility in the working hours
  • Interaction with US and European teams. After initial 3-month period, candidate is expected to travel to the US for a week to know operations first hand, at the company´s cost.
  • The chosen candidates will be interviewed by HR and shareholders via Skype
  • From start 5 years ago, the company retains all full-time personnel